“They don’t play boxing,” Sugar Ray Leonard said in his analysis (via ESPN).

On the contrary, Robinson wrote on Instagram that he was fine after losing the quasi-celebrity fight to Paul, an actor, internet personality and boxer.

“Thank you everyone for all the good wishes, I’m fine. I appreciate @triller for the opportunity as well as everyone who supported me during the fight. For my coaches, coaches, fans and teammates, I appreciate all the time and support you guys who work with me … it wasn’t the result we wanted, but I am grateful for the opportunity to fight on the biggest stage that ever existed. “

Robinson, an 11-year-old NBA veteran who is 36 years old, was instantly surpassed by Paul (2-0, two KO’s), who knocked him down and hit him over the ear in the first round. He hit him on the forehead in the second round and threw him down. The third time he was outside.

“I don’t care about athletes or not, stop allowing guys who don’t know how to fight in the ring !!” Teddy Atlas tweeted. “Paul actually trained to fight. Dreadful. … why a California commission if it allows it? “

Robinson’s appearance has been mocked by NBA guys and others.

But others, like Atlas, took what they saw seriously.


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