NBA star Jaylen Brown has warned that the battle for social justice is far from over just because there is another man in the White House.

Boston Celtics security guard and striker Brown has seen a positive and relieved mood following Joe Biden’s win in the presidential election, declaring that people must not get into a false sense of security in the fight against social justice.

Speaking to TMZ Sports, Brown said it was critical that people keep the pressure on even though they are now directing their concerns to a new administration.

“I don’t want to be pessimistic, but I think I have a new face now [in the White House]People take their foot off the gas and think everything is fine now, “said Brown.

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“I’d like to question that. We still have a lot to do, whether Biden is in office or not.

“Just because we have a new president doesn’t mean the system doesn’t have to change.”

Biden replaced Trump at the White House on January 20, sparking celebrations across America. But as Brown explained, there is still a lot to fix and fix once the new administration is in place.

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“My dilemma has never been about having presidencies or a choice of faces. I think it’s more about the system that needs to be changed,” he said.

“I know our past president may have had a lot of stress. But I definitely want to maintain the same level of energy to be aware and push for change.

“We have to keep the same energy up. People still have to take care of it. People still have to make phone calls and so on. So I look forward to continuing to fight for change.”

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