The linchpin of Utah Jazz, Rudy Gobert, has claimed he “left money on the table” by signing a staggering five-year contract extension worth $ 205 million.

All-Star Gobert was keen to stress that he told his agent not to ask about the maximum renewal offer available to him, which would have made him an even bigger $ 228 million profit to stay with jazz.

Gobert’s team co-star, Donovan Mitchell, made the most of when jazz guaranteed him $ 163 million in the off-season five years earlier, which would potentially rise to $ 195 million should he be featured on an All-NBA team .

“It was important for me to show the organization and the team that it wasn’t about money,” Gobert told ESPN, claiming that he was satisfied with ten percent less than the gigantic amount he could have signed for because he wanted jazz to get more players under contract.

“I want to win and I want to leave that money on the table for the team just to have better talent around me and Donovan was really important.

“I believe in this group and I believe in this organization and I was willing to leave that money on the table for them.

“When we spoke with my agent before the negotiations began, I decided not to ask about the Supermax.

As a fan, the Gobert Max extension shows me that jazz had no options. Rudy is a good player, but that’s it, he’s good. No center in the NBA today is a true game changer except Jokic. If you pay 205 million over the next 5 years, Utah remains relevant, but that’s it. #NBA

– WildfireNBA (@NbaWildfire) December 21, 2020

“We didn’t want to start the negotiations with asking about the Supermax. It was about expanding what we had built up and giving this team and me the stability and calm to not have to deal with the negotiations later. ” . “

Frenchman Gobert became the attack and defense anchor for Jazz last season and was named reserve of the Western Conference for the NBA All-Star Team.

The 28-year-old wrote a heartfelt letter to fans on social media talking about a “special day” promoting the values ​​that had helped him achieve stratospheric success during his seven years in Utah.

Should other people who are having problems get money? Yes. But the people on this thread obviously don’t know that the NBA is a private organization. These are the owners who are paying these people ridiculous amounts of money, not the federal government. Convince them to give something back

– Mia Dowd (@ Princess_Mia_95) December 20, 2020

Those sentiments received a mixed reaction from fans, some of whom were quick to recall his controversy earlier this year when he touched microphones before being diagnosed with Covid-19 at the start of the pandemic.

Others described the deal as “obscene” and “insane” while pointing out the predicament many face amid widespread unemployment in the US, despite Gobert supporters arguing that the amounts offered were not his personal responsibility and that he will be rewarded for his immense talent.

“So there is an extra $ 205 million lying around to pay someone to chase a ball for profit on TV, but for the people watching, for health care?” one asked, prompting another to reply, “What’s wrong with the organization paying its employees?

My heart would be broken if you left The growth you’ve shown since designing the best center in the NBA has been mind-boggling. You are irreplaceable, a leader and the big brother of the team. I have even more respect for you not pulling a Hayward. Love you! # Playmaker # Together # GetTheRings

– Stantheman1983 (@ stantheman1983) December 20, 2020

Rudy, I don’t know how anyone can be anything but proud of you. I am so glad to have you here … thank you for all the quiet good you hear in the church and in the world. I look forward to cheering you on and seeing you grow as a player and especially as a man

– Justin Time for Christmas🧢 (@JazzfanJustin) December 20, 2020

“Rudy works hard [and] gives to the churches … I understand that wealth needs to be distributed more evenly, but if you ask me, such a guy makes every penny. “

Gobert donated $ 500,000 to Covid-19 relief efforts after being publicly embarrassed for poking fun at security measures related to the virus.

ESPN previously reported that Donovan had also been enraged by Gobert’s decisions.

I’ve seen Rudy Gobert go from being a newborn giraffe to being one of the best players in franchise history. Did he earn 205 mil? I’m not sure. However, I would be thrilled to see him prove everyone wrong – as he has done many times. # / XOHeE3GzJn

– Andrew Creer (@creerskie) December 20, 2020

Play with balls, get millions. Work with fire and steel and get food stamps.

– Jaan12 (@ Jaan1217) December 20, 2020

So there is an additional $ 205 million lying around to pay someone to chase a ball for profit on TV, but for the health care of the people who watch? What is wrong here?

– Leslie #BlackLivesMatter #WeAreOne 🌹 (@devibharati) December 20, 2020

Donovan echoed his teammate’s words after the news of the incredible deal was broken by insistence: “After the bubble, I really felt like I could win a championship with Donovan.

“I think we have both grown a lot and will continue to grow. I am very happy that we can continue this journey together.”

Gobert was selected in all but one of the last four seasons on the All-NBA team and was named “Defensive Player of the Year” in 2018 and 2019.

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