Netflix says its spending in Korea will exceed $ 500 million in 2021 as the streamer doubles local content production after hits like #Alive.

Minyoung Kim, vice president of content for Korea, Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand, announced at an event today that the service had 3.8 million paid memberships in Korea as of the end of 2020. He has north of 200 million subs worldwide.

Two new original Korean films were unveiled during the showcase:

Moral awareness, by Park Hyun-jin, who previously ran rom-com Like For Likes in 2016. His new film follows a seemingly neatly cut office worker who keeps his BDSM taste to himself until his employee accidentally opens his mail and finds a leash.

Halle Berry becomes Executive Producer, star in the science fiction drama ‘The Mothership’ for Netflix and MRC films

Carter is directed by Jung Byung-gil (The Evilness). The one-scene, one-cut-action picture follows a man after he woke up in a motel room without remembering who he is, except for a voice in his ear calling him “Carter”. At the command of the voice, Carter embarks on an exciting mission to rescue a kidnapped girl.

As part of today’s event, the streamer also offered first insights into projects such as the upcoming series Hellbound by filmmaker Yeon Sang-ho from Train To Busan [see below]It’s about a smart, confident lawyer who competes against the New Truth Church and its arrowhead extremist supporters.


“The K-Wave or Hallyu as we call it here in Korea is a great moment of national pride and we are proud to be a part of it,” said Minyoung Kim. “Great Korean stories are nothing new, in fact storytelling is deeply rooted in Korean culture. But today we live in a world where Parasite is an Oscar winner for Best Picture, BlackPink plays Coachella, and over 22 million households are listening to a horror TV series called Sweet Home. Audiences around the world fall in love with Korean stories, artists, and culture. “


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