#Roommates as the country continues to accept the devastating Breonna Taylor investigation – new bodycam footage from the night in question has been released and unfortunately raises more questions. In the footage, several police officers appear to have violated several departmental guidelines and compromised the crime scene following the death of Breonna Taylor.

@Vice exclusively reports that hours of re-recorded body cam footage from members of the Louisville Metro Police Department and the local SWAT team reveals the immediate aftermath of the police operation in which Breonna Taylor was tragically dead in her home. The footage shows officials appearing to violate several departmental guidelines while confirming portions of Kenneth Walker’s testimony, Breonna Taylor’s friend. The footage was captured by 45 different body cameras and included as part of the investigation file compiled by the LMPD’s Public Integrity Unit and shared with Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron. In the highly questionable footage, it is shown that none of the seven officers who were present during the raid were immediately separated and paired with an escort about what is supposed to happen – and not doing so is a violation of LMPD guidelines.

According to interviews they gave LMPD investigators, two of the officers involved – Detectives Mike Nobles and Tony James – left the scene and went to the University of Louisville Hospital where Sgt. Jon Mattingly, who was shot in the leg, was taken. Bodycam footage shows the four other officers involved – Detectives Brett Hankison, Myles Cosgrove and Mike Campbell, and Lieutenant Shawn Hoover – still on the scene, guns drawn. After members of the SWAT team clear the apartment and declare Breonna Taylor dead, Hankison, who according to the department fired 10 shots that night, approaches the front door and asks if anyone is dead inside. Minutes later, Hankison returns and even enters the apartment, an active crime scene. He asks SWAT officers if they found a long weapon and if the casings on the ground belong to “them”. Several members of the SWAT team on the Bodycam footage appear visibly uncomfortable with Hankison’s presence as one of them is sternly telling other officers to evacuate him.

In his investigative report, Sgt. Jason Vance wrote, “Investigators watched Detective Hankison enter and exit the primary scene. At 2:00 a.m., Sergeant Wilder and I verbally asked Hankison to remove himself from the primary scene and contact members of the LMPD Peer Support. “His report also states that Hankison’s behavior was against policy. “It should be noted that investigators later learned that Detective Hankison was deviating from normal LMPD practices for an officer involved in a critical incident and left the scene without his assigned LMPD peer support escort,” it said in this. “Hankison deviated from the standard protocol when he traveled unsupervised to the University of Louisville hospital and had contact with the CID command and with Steve Conrad, the chief of police.”

As we previously reported, the LMPD has repeatedly insisted that there is no bodycam footage of the Breonna Taylor shooting. The department said officers from this unit often work in plain clothes and are not required to wear body cameras. However, photos from the crime scene contradict the original statements of the LMPD, according to which the officers involved who work with narcotics do not wear body cameras. Photos of officers from that night clearly show Tony James, one of the at least seven officers who were present during the raid, wearing a body camera over his right shoulder.

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