For those of us who don’t stay vaccinated and instead think herd immunity could come sooner than an open vaccine appointment, a new website could offer hope for vaccination.

The new vaccine scraps website has an easy-to-remember name and a few new twists. It compares vaccine availability with vaccine seekers, but only if both are in the same community.

Of course, there is a small catch, but with a little help from all hopeful recipients it can be resolved.

The Extra Vaccine Notifier model is based on health care providers notifying their communities when they take additional shots. Eligibility for vaccination does not depend on age, but on geographical location.

According to the Vaccine Notifier press release, the whole point of the website is to use every vaccine out there.

For medical professionals, their medical suitability must be confirmed through the website.

Thats how it works:

Hopeful vaccine recipients log on to the website and indicate their age and place of residence. If a doctor near him has also registered on the website and needs to consume vaccines, the hopeful vaccine recipients in that region will receive an SMS notification. This is real time, first come first served. There is no guarantee that a vaccine will be kept.

And now for the hook.

The website needs more healthcare professionals to sign up. A spokesman for one of the digital websites supporting this new platform said that prior to the March 5 press release announcing the website’s existence, more than 11,000 hopefuls had verbally signed up.

Hopeful recipients, here’s an idea: contact your group of doctors through your patient portal. Let them know that there are guns waiting in their community.

Check it out here


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