It is not surprising that a man named Saint Bernard once said in a sermon, “Love me, love my dog.” After all, dogs have long been the world’s most popular pet.

But now the meanness of conservative media giant Newsmax has refused to throw a bone to man’s best friend and attacked President Joe Biden’s dog, Champ, on a Friday segment. Feeling the need to raise his leg and shot at the dog’s appearance, host Greg Kelly said that Champ “looks a little rough” and “needs a bath, comb and some loving grooming,” adding that he was looks like he’s “from the junkyard. ”

Kelly, who claimed he loved dogs and admitted he was having fun, brought along some “experts” who compared Champ to previous White House dogs. They claimed he looked bad compared to Ronald Reagan’s win or George HW’s Spaniel Millie.

So far there has been no comment from the White House. Or from Champ.

Check out the MSNBC segment in Kelly’s dogged coverage.


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