The holiday won’t show up on your phone’s calendar, but Happy Tight Ends Day!

It’s a new holiday – think Festivus with less time to broadcast complaints.

The idea came up on the west coast in week 2 of the 2018 season and the credit goes to 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, according to George Kittle.

“It was a conversation between Garrett Celek, Jimmy [Garoppolo] and myself, ”said Kittle (via NBC Sports). “I’m pretty sure it was a day when all the tight ends were active. So Jimmy G said, “What is it, National Tight Ends Day?” We say, “Yeah, it’s a holiday man. It’s National Tight Ends Day. ‘”

It would be nice if there was a better backstory, but in 2020 we’ll take what we can get, especially if it leads to a “vacation”. The NFL certainly plans to roll with it. Tight ends across the league will carry microphones and, as Kittle put it, get “tuddys” across the league. There is even “block. Publication. Catch. Top. “T-shirts.

“Garrett Celek had a touchdown that day. It was our first National Niners Tight Ends Day, “said Kittle,” but in my opinion every day is National Tight Ends Day. “

On the first tight ends day, four 49ers tight ends won the Lions by 30:27.

“I was trying to get George, Celek, to cheer all these people on and make it National Tight Ends Day,” explained Garoppolo, “and now it’s a public holiday so congratulations to these people.”


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