Derrick Henry, who had the NFL rushing leader’s reputation last year for shattering the opposition’s defenses, remains intact after the running back Tennessee Titans wiped out Josh Norman of the Bills with a punishing, stiff arm Tuesday night .

Norman, Buffalo’s former all-pro cornerback, is widely regarded as one of the league’s most dependable tacklers, but he was no match for the £ 250-pound 6-foot-3-inch speedster in Covid’s ill-matched game at LP Field in Nashville on Tuesday when Henry unleashed a vicious, stiff arm to knock off an attempted attack in a clip that has since gone viral online.

With the Titans needing four yards to score a first down in the first half of the game, Tennessee quarterback Ryan Tannehill passed the ball to Henry, who quickly ran to the edge, where he was in a one-on-one situation NFL veteran Norman was hit – but his attempted attack was repulsed by the powerful backlash, which struck Norman with a breathtaking defense about five meters backwards with a rag doll.

Unfortunately for Henry and the Titans, the piece was recalled on compensatory penalties, but not until the significant declaration was made.

Henry couldn’t help but highlight the incident in his media interests for the media and say that his work at the gym clearly paid off.

“I made too many curls,” he said after the game. “I have to put my arms off.”

In all fairness, instead of the Pro Bowl, we should have a contest to see how Derrick Henry and other NFL running backs can stiffly arm civilians

– Bill Barnwell (@billbarnwell) October 14, 2020

Henry scored a one-yard touchdown in the game – his 17th such score since 2017, enough to set an NFL record – in the Titans’ 42:16 win to improve his season record to an impressive 4-0 in one game uncertain due to a Covid-19 outbreak at Titans headquarters.

And if some had questioned the Titans’ compliance with applicable coronavirus safety protocols, it could be said that Derrick Henry maintains social distance, at least in relation to the opposing team’s defenders.

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