Is it acceptable to wonder how this breathtaking development could affect Saturday night and the game of the year so far, the Georgia # 3 visit to Alabama # 2? Is it wrong to say that this shock will add a layer of lore to the game that is set to last into the next century when Southeastern Conference football fans debate October 2020 when debating whether this is a burden to Alabama or a cause for Alabama is? Is it okay to try to gauge how a side presence, so heavily involved in 14 seasons of Alabama games, could work from home?

Is it tolerable to find any of this funny?

Nick Saban found something on Wednesday night while answering reporters’ questions via video for 10 minutes. He felt no symptoms and looked great at 68. His face was a wave of health. He said that after his noon test result, he went straight home and had no exercise. “I can tell you that we had much worse practices when I was there,” he concluded, “so maybe it was a good thing I wasn’t there.”

Then he laughed as he was doing a little more than he was supposed to, and his occasional outbursts usually caught the attention and attracted the clicks.

The eccentric truth is that his absence from the game at Bryant Denny is in line with the theme that was already entrenched when that non-annual matchup between the divisions hit the 2020 schedule. Can Georgia Ever Beat Alabama Again? Surely it will one day, but its plight in trying has subjected it to the kind of talk radio analysis that focuses on Michigan and its annual problems with the state of Ohio.

It couldn’t beat Alabama as it led 20-7 in the third quarter of the 2017-18 national championship game in Atlanta. It couldn’t beat Alabama as it led 28-14 in the third quarter of the 2018 SEC championship game, preparing for a 30-yard field goal. (It was missing.) It couldn’t beat Alabama when Tide, who started quarterback Jalen Hurts, stalled and had to give way to back Tua Tagovailoa in that earlier game, and it couldn’t beat Alabama when Tagovailoa was injured and hurts the latter game had to give way.

It hasn’t beaten Alabama since September 22, 2007, Saban’s first season in Alabama, when they worked overtime in Tuscaloosa and led Alabama at 23:20 until Georgia scored Mikey Henderson’s 25-yard touchdown catch from Matthew Stafford. Now Stafford has been in the NFL long enough to become a mainstay – 12 seasons – while Alabama has beaten Georgia five times in 13 years, starting with Stafford’s last season in Georgia.

Then it all came to 2020 and the SEC kicked off, and Georgia’s defense looked incomparable, and Alabama’s defense looked porous. Then the SEC season went from cross fingers to stars and Alabama won’t have its coach or 75 percent of its fans in the stadium. Saban says, “I’m not sure how exactly this will play out when the game comes out, whether or not I can communicate with people, so we have to research and find out.” – Insecurity for a man who has fought for so long to minimize insecurity – no, to atomize. The betting lines have shifted from a touchdown or more to around 4 in most cases. So if Georgia can’t win this time …

Is it rude to entertain this thought, or is it one of those distractions from fear?

In his unshakable way, Saban was inclined to the latter. “Our boys have shown great maturity,” said Saban of his team in the spring and summer as well as in early autumn 2020 and added: “I am sure that they will also deal with it positively.” He said, “I’m fine. I was fine. I was very surprised. “He wasn’t entirely unprepared. Coaching staff across the country have held these meetings through succession lines, carefully planned protocols in case a coach tested positive.

He rushed home, told the Zoom team about the test, and then watched the workout. “I had the manager, had a phone,” he said. “When I wanted a piece to be repeated, I would say, ‘Repeat this piece. So and so mixed up. ‘So I didn’t leave the country or anything. I’ll be right down the street. He said he hadn’t “blocked or attacked anyone, didn’t catch any passes, didn’t throw any passes in a game for a long, long time, so it’s still going to be up to our players’ execution and it’s time to get them.” they are in the best position to do that. ”

In it he succeeded in describing how a great game became stranger in a pathetic twist for a man within a national and global tragedy. Since almost no one on earth has been through anything like this before, it’s hard to know if such curiosity is acceptable.


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