Olympic pairs skating master Tatyana Volosozhar has incriminated a series that broke out after a coach at a school in the Moscow region threw a young skater across the ice during a training session.

The video, recorded by one of the parents whose daughter goes to the same school, shows the trainer grabbing a little girl by the neck before brutally squeezing her and letting her fly onto the ice.

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The shocked woman who captured the outrageous moment in front of the camera showed it to the school administration and asked them to fire the specialist.

During the course of the scandal, it was found that young skaters were allegedly treated more harshly by the trainer, who allegedly often verbally abused and physically punished them for not following her instructions.

The woman, whose name was not disclosed, has already been suspended for two weeks for being unprofessional but returned to work despite complaints from her students.

The school has not yet commented on the incident, which shocked the Russian sports community and led many top athletes to condemn the coach’s ruthless methods.

2014 Olympic gold medalist Tatyana Volosozhar added her weight to the topic, underlining that coaches have no right to hit children and that there can be no excuse for such outrageous behavior.

“Figure skating is a tough sport that requires tremendous self-control and discipline. But no one ever has the right to hit a child. That is out of the question, ”wrote Volosozhar.

“Yes, a coach could be tough and strict, but it has nothing to do with physical abuse. The trainer allegedly said that these are her training methods. These are not methods, this is a lack of professional qualities and an inability to work with children, ”she added.

The video gained widespread circulation online and sparked a public uproar in Russia. The fans asked figure skating bosses not only to fire the coach, but to forbid her from lifelong training.


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