Ski fans have admitted that they turned their stomachs after a terrible accident with Kajsa Vickhoff Lie in the Super-G in Val di Fassa, in which the Norwegian screamed in obvious pain with a suspected broken leg.

The 22-year-old lost control driving down the Italian slopes on Sunday after hitting an edge at high speed that caused her to fall backwards and collide with the safety net.

Repetitions of the incident seemed to turn Vickhoff Lie’s left leg at an awkward angle, and when she finally settled down, her excruciating cries of pain could be clearly heard on the television broadcast.

Reports from the scene indicate that she sustained a broken leg and injuries to at least one of her knees in the accident.

She was then flown to the hospital for treatment for her serious injuries.

I am the parent of a budding ski racer and have seen hundreds of races and many falls. But Kajsa Vickhoff Lie in the women’s super-G crash just turned my stomach upside down. I don’t think I can see Allegra at this level. I hope she will recover soon

– Adele Turton (@adeleturton) February 28, 2021

Tonight I am thinking of Kajsa Vickhoff Lie and Rosina Schneeberger, who crashed heavily and painfully in today’s SuperG in Val di Fassa, Italy, and had to be flown by helicopter from the slope. Best wishes to both of you.

– Bob Constanduros (@BobConstanduros) February 28, 2021

The race was postponed for a period of 30 minutes to allow Vickhoff Lie to be treated on the slopes and to facilitate her airlift.

Incredibly, shortly after the event resumed, a second medical airlift was required after the Austrian Rosina Schneeberger when she connected to a control gate at the top of her run before the crash and, just like Vickhoff Lie shortly before, came to a stop in safety net to be involved.

She was carried off the slopes and taken to hospital for treatment.

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