The reigning world and figure skating Olympic champion Alina Zagitova caused a stir in the fans after she posted videos of a health spa visit in which she not only took a steam bath, but also plunged into the icy water of an outdoor pool.

The Russian star seems to be fully enjoying her long break from competition and after participating in New Year’s shows and master classes, the skater decided to relax and spend her weekend in a sauna center.

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Zagitova posted several videos on her Instagram page of posing in a black swimsuit.

The 18-year-old was seen outdoors in a white dress and slippers. The fans quickly noticed that her right leg was firmly bandaged.

“Please, Alina, be careful trying to avoid injuries,” wrote one user, suggesting that she may have injured her leg during the exhibition shows.

After enjoying the sauna and steam room, Zagitova prepared to jump into the cold water of an outdoor pool. However, she failed to run away from the freezer on her first attempt.

“20th attempt,” joked the star in a caption to the pictures.

Eventually her determination prevailed and the champion skater made a successful dive, impressing her army of followers.

Zagitova, the only Russian female skater to win all figure skating prizes including Olympic gold, cut her career nearly two years ago, stating that she needed a well-deserved break from competition.

She was expected to make a highly anticipated comeback this season, but she retired from national events and preferred to focus on her television career, starring a popular TV show, ‘Ice,’ along with well-known skater Alexei Yagudin Age ‘moderated.


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