A loss to the Toronto Blue Jays kept the Orioles (23-32) off last place in the wildcard playoffs for five games, though their previous 1-6 record against Toronto means the Blue Jays are head-to-head Tiebreaker.

The Orioles took the lead early in the first inning with a single from DJ Stewart, but his two-out error in the second inning was second in the game, allowing a run to score when he hit a routine flyball on his glove and fall into the grass of the outer field. Rio Ruiz had a throwing error when he started the second inning and Ramon Urias pushed a slow ground ball into the middle in the fifth inning, which was not penalized.

Boston was sloppy too, but the Orioles didn’t take much advantage. Their miniature two-part rally took place in the sixth inning when Boston left fielder Michael Chavis, who misjudged two overhead line drives, but the Orioles got two stuck in that inning, which began with a home run by Renato Nunez. Pedro Severino left the bases loaded to end the game.


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