Paris Hilton teased her own iHeartRadio podcast but also got over what it felt like working with him Kim Kardashian again after so many years! Check out what the heiress had to say!

As it turned out, Paris loved working with the KUWTK star again. The new collaboration felt “nostalgic”.

Paris revealed this and more in an interview with HollywoodLife.

Fans may know that Paris and Kim reunited for a Skims photoshoot, and it makes perfect sense why she was nostalgic while working together as she and Kim recreated one of her most iconic looks from back then!

‘We had the best time. We were very happy with the way the campaign went. So iconic and very nostalgic, ”she told the news agency. “It brought back so many memories of us how we dressed and carried our matching Louis bags. It was so much fun doing the Skims campaign together. ‘

The outfits they rocked for the 2000s-themed Skims campaign were Kim’s recreated versions of the fashion of the time.

The flip-flop phones and the famous metallic Louis Vuitton Alma bags couldn’t miss the combo!

During the interview, Paris also announced that she is looking forward to working with Kim again and that some new collaborative projects are already in the works!

She said of her podcast: “I would love to have you as a guest! That would be so fun. We were only at my house a few weeks ago … It’ll be out in a few months. So excited for that. I’ve put out so many projects, so many things that I’m very proud of. I love my fans so much. They are just like my little brothers and sisters so I want them to be part of my podcast so I can give them the chance to be part of my life. ‘


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