Paris prosecutors have confirmed that officials at the French Open are investigating a women’s double game in the first round for alleged match-fixing.

The investigation – which is expected to take several weeks – began on October 1, the day after Andreea Mitu and Patricia Maria Tig defeated Yana Sizikova and Madison Brengle in straight sets at Roland-Garros, according to BBC Sport.

The investigation is said to have been launched on suspicion of “organized fraud” and “corruption in sport”.

The German outlet WELT reported that bookmakers had identified suspicious betting patterns in the fifth game of the second set, with hundreds of thousands of euros broken on Sizikova’s serve.

The Russian’s serve was broken after making two double faults and not returning at 0-15.

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French Open game with Russian player “suspected of tampering” after dubious betting patterns emerge – reports

Sizikova and American Brengle lost the competition to the Romanian pairing 7-6 (8), 6-4.

The Vice President of the Russian Tennis Association, Alexei Selivanenko, said on Sunday: “As long as there are no official documents, it is too early to comment. Tennis has a zero tolerance policy for such cases. “

The Tennis Investigation Unit (TIU) has not commented on the matter during the ongoing investigation.


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