The Saturday Night Live comedian had no intention of harming his ex. Cazzie Davidwhen he started his whirlwind romance with Ariana Grande. Judging from her vulnerable essay for the Los Angeles Times, he really hurt her, and he “hates” that he did it!

At the same time, Pete Davidson still has “mixed feelings” about Cazzie’s interview and her book detailing the breakup.

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This is what an insider shared about HollywoodLife, and after Cazzie made a lot of headlines by revealing that she was “shaking uncontrollably” upon learning that Pete was going on with Ariana Grande.

It makes sense that she was so upset! After all, he allegedly only started seeing the singer one day after Cazzie was dropped by text message!

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But Pete sees the end of his relationship with Cazzie a little “differently,” although apparently he never intended to use his romance with Ariana as parting revenge.

The source shared on HollywoodLife that ‘Pete sees the relationship he had with Cazzie as something he enjoys but sees how it ended differently from her. And when Ariana came into the picture, it was such a breath of fresh air for him that he went fast and furious on this trip because it felt so right. He doesn’t want people to feel bad, but breakups will make someone feel pretty bad. Hearts were broken, but Pete had to move on. He accepts Cazzie to say what she says, but he can’t pay too much attention to it and has to keep going with what he’s got. ‘

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All in all, the last thing Pete ever wanted Cazzie to get hurt over something that happened between them. Pete was also figuring out his own stuff at the time and had to decide what he wanted, to get back to what he had with Cazzie or to start a new chapter with Ariana. ‘


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