Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear arrives at the University of Louisville Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky on December 14, 2020. Scotty Perry / Bloomberg / Getty Images

The weekly numbers of Covid-19 cases and deaths in the United States have never been higher. and state officials warn of more alarming patterns after the holiday season.

According to the Johns Hopkins University, the total number of Americans infected with the virus exceeded 22 million as of Saturday and more than 372,000 have died.

From the states: Kentucky governor Andy Beshear said the state is seeing “a real and significant increase in cases and our positivity rate due to the gatherings of people around the holiday”.

“This rise that we are currently in is at least twice the severity of the previous increases that we have seen,” said the governor on Friday.

This is our most dangerous time. “

Colorado State Epidemiologist Dr. Rachel Herlihy warned on Friday of “early signs” of a surge in Covid-19 cases. “We’re starting to see how the effects of the holidays show up in our data,” she said. Health experts believe that about one in 105 people is currently contagious, Herlihy added.

Uprising in the U.S. Capitol: Health officials are also concerned that the storm on the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday could have ramifications for the pandemic.

The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned Friday that the riot was likely to be a “spike” event that will have “public health consequences”.

“They had largely exposed largely exposed people all across the Capitol,” said Dr. Robert Redfield to the McClatchy newspaper group. “Then these people will all ride in cars, trains and planes that are going home all over the country.” So I think this is an event that is likely to lead to significant spread, “he added.

Record cases and deaths: In the nine days since the start of 2021, the US has registered more than 2 million new Covid-19 cases and more than 26,000 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University.

The nation has recorded an average of 247,200 Covid-19 cases per day for the past week as of Friday – an all-time high and more than 3.7 times higher than a summer summit set in late July, Johns Hopkins data shows.

And the country has recorded an average of 2,982 deaths per day for the past week – the highest number in the pandemic, according to Johns Hopkins. This week, the US reported more than 4,000 coronavirus deaths in a single day for the first time on Thursday.

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