Porsha Williams praises activists and their struggle for freedom. Check out the video she just shared on her social media account which sparked a massive debate in the comments.

‘I agree! The people celebrate a Chinese victory; You own Biden. It’s Marxism, folks, ”said one supporter, and was beaten up by many people.

Another commenter wrote: “The fight to get rid of Trump was more about having a seat at the table in the first place to fight! Trump didn’t even have a table to sit at. ‘

Another said, “I had said this many times, it doesn’t matter who the administration is that we still work as humans today. Things got out of hand because we sat back and expected someone else to come and fix our problems. It’s time to get back to the basics – I remember a time when our community was our responsibility – let’s get back to it !! All hands on deck for the next 4 years – we all Americans must support President #joebiden and choose #kamalaharris to create the better future we want to achieve for our children. ❤️✊🏾❤️✊🏻✊🏾. ‘

A follower posted this message: ‘She is absolutely correct! It’s just getting started … ‘

Someone else said, “Well, it was like that when we were out here on these streets! … No promotion of self, no promotion of private agendas. Everyone was just frontal, full force to get this …”

One fan wrote: “We say this while Joe Biden was building the prisons for Kamela Harris to stock up on cheap labor. Check out all the things that are still alone at Walmart and made by prisoners. This whole choice was a joke again. It is only important to us when it affects us or when it is trendy. I’ll wait for this to kick back 10 later. We say black lives matter, but we stand up for people who don’t think so, which dismisses the people who have suffered from their wrongdoings. It’s like seeing black celebrities say black lives matter but are spending money in Dubai, a modern city built out of modern slavery. 🤦🏿‍♂️ ‘

Another devotee said: “I don’t live in America, but I will continue to fight him with prayers. GOD WORKS ❤️ ‘

Someone posted this message: “I think no change will take place until someone understands that the constitutional amendment was not written for the benefit of our people. The constitutional amendment supports the judicial system, court systems that protect the most racist organization out there, the police department. Until someone understands this and questions the constitutional amendment, there will be no permanent change for the black, brown race, etc. # PERIOD. ‘


In other breaking news, Cynthia Bailey shared a post on her social media account and announced something exciting for fans. Check out their contribution Porsha Williams.

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