Coronavirus cases are increasing across the country, and local and state governments are trying to contain the spread. Here is a roundup of the changes caused by pandemics to review as we near winter and the holiday season.

In most cities, expect indoor dining to be no longer an option – it is already the case in Philadelphia and St. Louis, as well as cities in Michigan, Kentucky, and other countries. Outdoor dining is also likely to have restrictions in most areas, with a limit on the number of people who can sit at a table. Some areas, like Los Angeles, have decided to even ban eating outdoors entirely.


Entertainment venues are among the first to be hit by closings. Don’t expect to see your favorite theater, museum, or leisure center in the next month or two.


Gyms face closings and strict occupancy limits. As the weather gets colder, outdoor exercises like hiking and running become less and less attractive, and home improvement solutions become more popular.


Many states and cities limit the number of people who can shop at one time. This can be a percentage like 25%, a hard cap like 75 customers, or a number based on area. There may also be mandatory closing times. So be sure to check this before you set off.

Outdoor gatherings

The boundaries for outdoor gatherings are returning this fall, putting festivals, concerts and exhibitions at risk. In some cases, like Philadelphia, the controls are even stricter than earlier this year – you won’t find take-away alcohol for sale at least until the end of the year.


While the major leagues have not yet responded to the restrictions in place, youth sports are being phased out across the country and stadiums remain empty. If you crave sports, you have to watch them on TV.

The take away

Public health officials say complying with the second wave of Covid-19 will require severe restrictions and changes to what is un “normal” that we have regained. Check with your local authorities and news networks to see what is going on in your neighborhood.


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