Rasheeda Frost shared a video on her social media account featuring her Kirk Frost. She told fans that they have been crazy in a hotel for more than three days and people don’t understand how she can feel like this in such a beautiful place.

More and more people are confused and do not fully understand what happened.

Rasheeda said, “Back to work but the COVID logs are real. Me and @ frost117 have been crazy at our hotel for 3.5 days but it’s almost time.”

Someone exclaimed, ‘Awwwww Sheeda! You can do it!!! Be sure! I miss my family!! ❤️ ‘and one commenter wrote,’ Weird to lose it with money in a beautiful place and it’s been 3 days 🤷🏽‍♀️. ‘

A fan posted the following: ‘You’re in my back yard. “This AZ” Sun “gets your skin right.”

One commenter posted this message: “I’ve been in quarantine since the 4th and I have Covid … you will be aight.”

Someone else wrote, “Beautiful place to go crazy when you … go crazy …” and one commenter said, “Arizona is beautiful, miss it so much.”

One fan wrote: “I like to see that, so I’m following you with no joke and you show the world that you obey the rules, thank you.”

Another devotee said, “I only go to work and home to bless you and your family.”

One fan posted: ‘It looks like you’re right here in our great Arizona weather. Hope you will enjoy it soon. ☀️ ‘

Someone else said, “And this is a beautiful place to admire and worship. I would like to be in quarantine with my husband. ‘

In other breaking news, Rasheeda Frost advertises some clothes from their Pressed Boutique, and the fans are totally in love.

Check out the clip she shared on her social media account.


Rasheeda Frost’s fans want menswear in their pressed store – it should be called “The Kirk Collection” »

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