On the Wednesday morning after election day, President Trump led Pennsylvania with over 600,000 votes. As of 8 p.m. ET, his lead has shrunk and he’s less than 200,000 votes ahead. There are still many votes to be counted and there is reason to believe that this will help Joe Biden fill that void, CNN’s John King said.

Here’s a snapshot of where these remaining voices are coming from:

Philadelphia currently reports about 70% of its votes. Biden is currently the leader in this area with around 79%. In 2016, Hillary Clinton won the city with over 82% of the vote. In this election with a higher turnout, “we have every reason to believe [the number of votes for Joe Biden] will increase significantly, which in turn will help Joe Biden fill that void, “said King.

Montgomery County reports roughly 92% of its votes, with Biden winning nearly 62% of that. As more mail-in ballots are counted, Biden wins those votes, King added.

Chester CountyBiden, who is relatively more conservative than Montgomery County and the city of Philadelphia, is also up 13-14 points and is expected to come in even more points.

in the Lucerne CountyTrump leads with 57% of the votes counted. This is where the president can pick up some votes, King said, adding that the pending votes here could be mail-in votes that have been trending towards Biden so far.

Allegheny CountyIn the home of Pittsburgh, 89% of the vote is reported. With around 11% of the votes still to be counted, Biden is ahead with 58% of the registered votes in his favor.

With Biden in 270 votes, Pennsylvania is a crucial state for Trump to win, to stay in the race and to keep his path to victory open.

CNN’s John King reports:


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