UFC light heavyweight Gadzhimurad Antigulov sparked a wedding in his hometown of Dagestan after the fighter reportedly refused to stop drinking during the non-alcoholic celebrations.

Antigulov, who suffered four losses in the UFC and last appeared in the Octagon in October, was filmed throwing food at women at a nearby table during a wedding in Russia’s North Caucasus. One of the guests then approached the blue-clad fighter and seemed to be trying to calm him down.

According to several reports, Antigulov was heavily influenced by alcohol and was asked several times to stop drinking at the event in the predominantly Muslim region, but continued to do so.

CCTV footage showed Antigulov sitting at a banquet table sipping a glass before putting it back down in front of himself.

The same guest who had originally spoken to Antigulov approached the table again and led away a man who was sitting next to the fighter. While the two were talking, Antigulov clearly took an exception to something that was said. He rose from his chair and kicked before being knocked back and stumbling backwards.

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Greater hand-to-hand combat ensued when Antigulov tried to pick up a plate for the scuffle, with the riot attracting at least a dozen wedding guests. While tensions in the footage finally seemed to cool, it was reported that the person who approached the UFC fighter was later assaulted outside the building and allegedly sustained multiple facial injuries.

The day after the wedding video appeared online, the UFC light heavyweight publicly apologized via Instagram.

“I’m an ordinary person. I’m a mixed martial artist. I’m not a prophet,” wrote Antigulov in Russian.

“And like all mortal people, I sometimes make mistakes, I confess, I correct myself.”

In his post, the fighter also declined reports of a mass attack on the guest, but added that he had offered to pay for treatment for the injuries suffered.

Antigulov, 33, is 20-8 in his pro career but has lost the last four of his competitions in the octagon after starting his life in the UFC with two wins.


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