After her medal-winning sports career at the age of 22, Russian gymnast Daria Spiridonova reveals her “dream” of running a venue in Moscow for “cool girls who want to be beautiful and successful”.

2015 World Cup gold medalist Spiridonova planned while the sports schedule was largely suspended this year, asking her large fan base of more than 125,000 followers on Instagram for her thoughts on her vision of a new business after gymnastics.

She admitted that she had planned her moves “alongside the sport” for a “long time” and wanted to turn her attention to a variety of disciplines other than the bars that earned her two gold medals and silver at the Rio Olympics games before four years.

“I just can’t stay silent anymore,” announced the four-time Russian national champion and described her plan for a new room in Moscow.

“Soon my little dream will come true and I can’t wait to tell you.

“There were a lot of thoughts, ideas, requests and they’re still there, but not all at once. I wanted a cozy café in town, I wanted my own photo studio, I was busy with clothes and will continue to do so more often in the future.

“I wanted to create a cozy, beautiful place for cool girls who want to be beautiful and successful. To come and enjoy, communicate, make new acquaintances, drink delicious coffee and, of course, bring beauty.”

Spiridonova qualified for this year’s Baku World Cup by finishing fourth on the uneven bars, only to postpone the event as the Azerbaijan pandemic hit.

In the meantime, she’s been spending time with her boyfriend Nikita Nagornyy – the 2019 all-around world champion – going to the beach, boating and sunbathing and enjoying her taste for glamor and fashion.

She was forced to defend her literacy against some critics, who were quick to alert Spiridonova to her use of spelling and grammar in the mail, although most of the responses to her idea were positive.

“How cool it is when dreams come true,” wrote one fan.

“Make the place magical, bring joy and self-fulfillment – as well as a nice cash bonus.”

Another promised: “When you open it, I’ll come to your salon in Moscow at once. I’ll be the first.”

Spiridonova promised to keep her potential visitors in touch. “It’s for you,” she explained.

“I want to create the place where you will always want to return. Your opinion is really important to me.”

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