Ryan Dorsey took to his social media this week to address the rumors surrounding his ex-wife’s sister, Nickayla Rivera. Page 6 says fans have blown him up since it was revealed that Nickayla had moved into his house to help him take care of Josey.

Not long after the media picked up the story, people started sending him hate mail and death threats, the actor explained. Dorsey addressed the haters with a 12-minute video on his Instagram in which he defended himself against the keyboard warriors.

In the video released towards the end of Tuesday, Dorsey explained how his son Josey asked for “Titi” to live with. He says he asked her to live with them forever because that’s all he has for a mother right now.

Naya’s ex-husband, Dorsey, who passed away earlier this year, claimed he was grateful to have Nickayla and other close family members to help because it was a challenging time regardless of the commentators who were so ruthless.

Dorsey went on to elaborate on reports that he had a relationship with Nickayla. He said the idea was absurd, and the last thing he wants to cross his mind at this point is such ideas.

Nickayla also defended Dorsey on social media yesterday. She wrote that the most important thing in the “darkest time” of her life was that she showed up for her nephew.

As previously reported, Naya Rivera died of drowning that year on Lake Piru, California. She was 33 years old at the time of her death. She reportedly called for help when she was unable to get back on the boat after getting Josey onto the ship.


According to investigators, Josey said his mother repeatedly called for help before diving into the water. The star’s death resulted in her former co-stars on Glee paying tribute as well as her ex-boyfriends like Big Sean.

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