Safaree shared a post on his social media account. He is promoting a water brand, and while some of his fans praise it as well, others criticize Erica Mena’s husband. Check out his post below.

“Always hold @essentiawater so I don’t pass out,” Safaree said.

Someone said, ‘I make a living from this stuff! Every day, all day! ‘ and another follower posted this message: “Oh no, we want to see pictures of the beautiful baby.”

One commenter said, “Best water on the market, brother @safaree 🔥” and another follower posted the message, “Good idea, I’ll try this water.”

Someone else said, “I think they use chemicals to increase the alkali levels,” and another follower said, “Yo that water is crack. I’ve never tasted water this good in my life. ‘

Anyway, there have been many people who beat up Safaree too and told him about all kinds of chemicals that are in the water.

They also said that he shouldn’t be promoting anything for money.

In other breaking news, Safaree is a proud dad and he can’t stop showing off his little girl on social media.

Not a long time ago Safaree shared a video on his social media account of him being and holding Erica MenaThe little girl, Safire Majesty in his arms. Check out the cute clip because this will definitely make your day.

Safaree said, ‘She moves fast on the first date … take it baby Maje ♥ ️❤️ ♥ ️ my love 🤩🤩’ and one commenter posted this message: ‘Bro, she literally looks the same as you and Erica rolled into one. That’s great!’

Safaree lives his best life with his wife Erica Mena and their baby. Fans are happy that these two are trying to fix things in their marriage.


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