Sage the Gemini is shaking the table today and ex-girlfriend Supa Cent makes it clear that she’s NOT the one to play with!

Their whirlwind romance ended last month when both Sage and Supa confirmed they were free agents again.

While it wasn’t immediately clear why the two decided to split up, some fans looking for their girl, Supa, shared a feeling that Sage didn’t always have her best interests in mind, and some even suggested he was because of them Clout was with her.

Sage didn’t help those speculations when he posted a video in which he sat very close to Supa’s good friend Tokyo Vanity.

He shared the video, which appeared to be old, with his Instagram story with little to no context. The two appeared to be in a car while Sage pretended to take a selfie of them – although he was actually tapping a video.

This raised many eyebrows as Tokyo is like Supa Cent’s little sister.

Supa herself didn’t appreciate what Sage was trying to suggest with the video, and she called out to him as she entered the shadow room.

“I can say he has never been hit by a nola before. He tries [to] insinuate something, but I’ll wake up the whole town to play with me. Let’s get it !! “Wrote Supa.

Tokyo Vanity also went to her Instagram to call Sage about the release. He said he knew he was “dead wrong” about sharing and claimed that he knew how social media would perceive the video.

Sage swears his actions are innocent and Tokyo Vanity replies with a long message.

“No, to be honest, we just had a big heart for you because you stood up for your people, and I wanted to say hello to you[.] If anyone really knows me they know us as best friends you posted before and I posted it before I put it on my side [daughter’s] Heartbeat, if I lie, take my life now as it got so crazy. “

He followed with a video message in which he apologized to both women.

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