You’d think when Quavo gave Saweetie a bunch of Birkins for her birthday or bought her a bespoke “icy” Bentley, those moments would have cemented that she really loved her. The realization moment for Saweetie apparently wasn’t one of those moments.

In an interview with Page Six, Saweetie stated that she knew Quavo loved her when he gave her the last piece of chicken.

Saweetie said, “The moment I realized that Quavo really loved me was when he saved some of his food for me.”

We all know that eating is not a reason to play, especially when it comes to that last bite – and it seems that quavo giving away his food is just his love language.

“He gave me his last piece of chicken,” Saweetie said.

She may love her icy thangs, but it’s simplicity that matters: “These are the things that really matter: the things that have no price. The Bentley is cool, but I like intimacy and the way you treat me with my emotional feelings. “

I know you remember the Birkin bag controversy that left Twitter in tatters for days!

On an IG live video, Saweetie said, “If he doesn’t give you a birkin when he doesn’t pay your bills, then throw that n * gga back on the streets, okay.”

Chicken brings people together one wing at a time.

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