During a new interview for Rolling Stone, Selena Gomez became open about the next chapter of her life. Among other things, the singer mentioned that after the release of her latest album, she really wanted her supporters to understand that this was a “journey” for her as a person and an artist.

Despite all the things that have happened this year, it has been pretty awesome for Selena and she would love to continue like this in the future.

After all, she managed to go back and forth by closing a very turbulent chapter in her life and that is her relationship and breakup with Justin Bieber.

It seems that the singer finally managed to really deal with it in quarantine and to concentrate fully on herself.

The album, entitled Rare, was released back in January and is definitely one of their rawest and most vulnerable works. One reason for this is that she had complete freedom over the creative process.

Not only that, but Selena was in control of the release schedules and chose to ditch the new music if she knew the impact on her fans would be greater.

“I didn’t have a lot to do with my team, my A&R or my label. I checked what was being broadcast. It was my idea to release “Lose You to Love Me” and “Look at Her Now”. [back-to-back]. [My team was] kind of nervous because they didn’t want to take anything away from any song. [But] I knew from the start that ‘Lose You to Love Me’ was going to be the bigger song because I just felt it in my heart. ‘

Selena went further on the writing process, saying that she focused on developing texts that deal solely with “transformation, vulnerability, and heartbreak.”


She explained that by taking over the entire process and in control, she felt so empowered and more confident.

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