By now, we all know that the state of Texas was exposed to a gruesome winter storm that left many people without electricity and clean water for days. However, someone reportedly saw Ted Cruz, the junior senator of the United States from Texas, at the Houston airport on his way to Mexico.

According to the Associated Press, Cruz was on a “long-planned trip to Cancun” with his family. However, a source with knowledge of the situation has informed the point of sale that an immediate return is expected.

Many people have shared their opinions on the pictures that appear to show Ted Cruz boarding a flight at the airport. Commenting on the situation, the Daily Show said, “A Texas resident had to travel over 1,700 miles to find heat, water and electricity.”

HEARTBREAK: A Texas resident had to travel 1,700 miles to find heat, water, and electricity.

– The Daily Show (@TheDailyShow) February 18, 2021

CNN reports that a person familiar with the itinerary has confirmed that Cruz is in the photos and that he is booked on a flight from Cancun to Houston on Thursday afternoon.

Still, that didn’t stop people from informing him of the situation. Shaun King shared the photos and said, “While Texas is fighting, millions with no electricity, water, no gas or heat, Republican Senator Ted Cruz flew to Canada! Dozens of people have already died. People are starving and freezing and this man got a bloody vacation in Cancun. “

With millions of families in Texas left without water, electricity, and heat, Ted Cruz is vacationing in Cancun.

Ted Cruz left his own constituents alone during a disaster. He is unable to serve in the Senate. Period.

Help us #DefundCruz today:

– Women’s march (@womensmarch) February 18, 2021

Ted Cruz later released a statement saying:

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