Roommate, remember, we told you how Silento aka Mr. Watch me Whip, watch me Nae Nae was arrested in September with a $ 105,000 warrant for a lack of justice? Well, he was arrested again over the weekend for driving recklessly. According to a police report obtained from WSBTV, Silento was arrested for driving 143 mph on I-85 in DeKalb County.

Silento was stopped by police at 3 a.m. on Friday after the radar weapon reached its excessive speed. The arrest officer saw him driving a white BMW SUV while not staying in the lane and driving around slower vehicles.

When asked why he was speeding, Silento told the cop he was from Gwinnett and that people would follow him from the club after promoting his new single. He claimed he was being followed wherever he went. He went on to say, “If about ten cars are following me I can do 143 because I’m not a normal person and you could look at your computer and that would tell you that.”

He was arrested and charged with reckless driving, speeding, lane failure and improper stopping. He was released from DeKalb County Jail around noon on Friday

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