The NBC variety show was starring Dr. Anthony Fauci opened by Kate McKinnon, who hosted a new game show titled “This is How You Think You Can Get the Vaccine”.

“The vaccine rollout is going well, but it’s also very confusing,” said Fauci of McKinnon. “Who can get it? How? When? Where is it? Are both doses in the same arm or in different arms or what? I don’t know.”

In addition to host Fauci, “So Think You Can Get the Vaccine” had three judges: California Governor Gavin Newsom, played by Alex Moffet; Andrew Cuomo, governor of New York, played by Pete Davidson, and Gretchen Whitmer, governor of Michigan, played by Cecily Strong.

The first candidate was a woman from Michigan, played by Heidi Gardner.

“I think I deserved the vaccine because I am an essential worker,” Gardner said.

“That’s nice. What are you doing?” Asked Whitmer of Strong.

“I do IT for the OnlyFans website, so I’m busy,” Gardner replied.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to get her the vaccine, so they moved on to the next contestant on the game show sponsored by CVS.

“CVS: Come for the shot, go with a lollipop from two Halloweens ago,” McKinnons told Fauci.

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Other participants included a young woman who pretended to be an old woman, a man who pretended to smoke, and a pregnant woman.

“Hello, I’m pregnant. Can I get the vaccine?” asked the pregnant woman, played by Melissa Villaseñor.

“I don’t know. Can you?” Davidson’s Cuomo asked.

“Sorry, can I get the vaccine?” Asked Villaseñor.

Davidson’s Cuomo stated that he was not trying to correct the woman’s grammar.

“I really asked. We have no idea,” he said.

The next candidate, surprisingly, was Senator Ted Cruz, played by Aidy Bryant, who was doing a stand-up comedy.

“Oh, it’s great to be back in New York,” said Bryants Cruz. “I’m sorry, my arms are tired because I just flew back from Cancun.”

The last participant was an old man, played by Mikey Day. The judges ruled that the old man deserved the vaccine the most.

Unfortunately, he had to make an appointment online.

“Is there a young person who can help you?” Asked Whitmer of Strong.

“Maybe the postman?” he said.

But in the end it didn’t matter as McKinnon’s Fauci had some bad news for the game show.

“I just got word that a nearby CVS has lost power and all vaccines have expired,” he said. “So it came first, first trick.”

Then the group said the show’s catchphrase: “Live … From New York! It’s Saturday night!”


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