A year and a half after retiring, former Atletico Madrid, Liverpool and Chelsea star Fernando Torres doesn’t seem to have neglected his fitness after images surfaced online of the Spaniard looking jacked up.

Torres ended his nearly two-decade professional career after a brief stint in Japanese football in the summer of 2019 after winning a career of national and international awards.

The 2010 World Cup winner was often the target of trouble from the stands, particularly during his time in London with Chelsea, for frequent runs in poor form, but the 110-time international saw the final stages of his career where he started the red and white half of Madrid, apart from his short farewell tour in the J1 League.

And after having to maintain his physical fitness for most of his life, many Torres would have forgiven him for getting to know his sofa and messing with the kinds of fast foods that were forbidden to him for most of his adult life – but those 36-year-old former striker appears to have gone in the opposite direction.

Pictures from the footage on the star’s Instagram account show that the ex-Atletico man built some considerable muscles in his time outside of the game.

One of the pictures shows him posing on the side of the camera with his arms crossed to show off his impressive biceps, while another front-facing shot shows that Torres certainly didn’t skip his upper body workout.

Predictably, the images of the muscle-bound star sparked some kind of social media madness.

El Niño has become El Hombre

– DEM Blades David (@DemBladesDavid) January 19, 2021

He now wants to speak to all haters

– Joshua Lockett (@sushiandbacon) January 19, 2021

Fernando Torres or Fernando Traore?

– Azul Crema (@ AzulxCrema97) January 19, 2021

“Did Fernando Torres sign for Bayern Munich?” joked another fan, referring to the muscle Leon Goretzka added to his body when he moved from Schalke to Bayern Munich.

Another made an oddly specific tip, claiming that Torres looked like “a personal trainer who was a candidate for Survivor and who really got into Bitcoin a year ago”.

Anyway, and regardless of his motivations, we don’t expect Fernando Torres to be attacked by social media trolls for too long lest they risk the wrath of football’s newest superstar.

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