They are challenging the so-called illegal escalation of the US trade war with China by introducing tariffs.

Approximately 3,500 US companies, including Tesla, Ford Motor, Target, Walgreens and Home Depot, have sued the Trump administration in the past two weeks for imposing tariffs on Chinese-made goods worth more than $ 300 billion .

The lawsuits filed with the US Commercial Court named US commercial agent Robert Lighthizer and the Customs and Border Protection Agency and question the so-called unlawful escalation of the US trade war with China by imposing a third and fourth round tariffs.

The legal challenges faced by a wide variety of companies resulted in the Trump administration failing to impose tariffs and complying with administrative procedures within a required 12 month period.

The companies are opposing the “unlimited and unlimited government trade war that is affecting billions of dollars in goods imported from the People’s Republic of China by US importers,” according to a lawsuit filed by auto parts maker Dana Corp.

The lawsuits challenge tariffs in two separate groups known as List 3 and List 4A. List 3 includes 25 percent tariffs on imports valued at approximately $ 200 billion, while List 4A includes 7.5 percent tariffs on goods valued at $ 120 billion.

One lawsuit argues that the government cannot extend tariffs to other Chinese imports “for reasons unrelated to the unfair intellectual property policies and practices it originally investigated.”

Companies filing lawsuits include heavy truck maker Volvo Group North America, US auto parts retailer Pep Boys, clothing company Ralph Lauren, Sysco Corp., guitar maker Gibson Brands, US unit of Lenovo, Dole Packaged Foods, a Itochu and the golf equipment manufacturer Callaway Golf merged.

In Home Depot’s lawsuit, duties were imposed on bamboo floors, cordless drills, and many other Chinese-made products. Walgreen, a unit of the Walgreen Boots Alliance, said it pays higher tariffs on products like “seasonal novelties; Party, first aid and office supplies; and household items. “

The Lighthizer office did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

On September 15, the World Trade Organization found that the US had violated global trade rules by imposing billions of dollars in tariffs in Trump’s trade war with China.

The Trump administration said tariffs on Chinese goods were justified because China was stealing intellectual property and forcing US companies to transfer technology to access China’s markets.


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