Sony Pictures Television has announced plans to host a Virtual October Formats Fest to showcase its offerings following the coronavirus-induced disruption to Mipcom.

Sony is the last studio to launch its own format festival after ITV Studios held a similar event for international buyers last week. However, the Sony showcase will take place later this month.

Starting October 1, the company will use Zoom and eCinema as platforms through which it will provide personalized slots for shows including the Japanese life hacks format Time Is Money.

Sony will also show how it does shows like Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Adapted for the coronavirus era and introduced new lockdown formats, including Channel 4’s Celebrity Snoop Dogs.

In addition, formats from the French Satisfaction Group are being passed on to buyers for the first time after Sony entered into a joint venture with the company in July.

Sony is in shape in hosting digital festivals after launching its LA Screenings offering earlier this year. The Virtual October Formats Fest follows the Mipcom physical event, which was canceled earlier this month.


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