Photo shoot-loving sports presenter Ulyana Trigubchak has branched out to create her debut calendar and invited her almost exclusively male audience to “admire me all year round,” praise her and offer a preview of the risky snapshots.

The self-described former sexiest presenter in the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) announced that she “couldn’t ignore” the views of her fanbase when she asked them what they had as a “gift” from her, adding that a whopping 93 , 5 percent of their huge social media followers were male.

The expert and tipster Trigubchak, who is the mastermind behind the hashtag “t * tverg”, who advertises her model looks in addition to “the most beautiful Russian girls”, announced that she would leave this popular project aside before an expected restart, when “inspiration” appears. in the spring.

“Folks, I’ll definitely be going back to you with that [project]”Explained the ex-cheerleader.” In the meantime, with this severe frost, I’ve made up my mind to warm you up with my first calendar. “

Trigubchak is a supporter of Russian captain Artem Dzyuba over the masturbation scandal that hit him last year. She wants her followers to use the calendar to keep track of her new photo sessions and episodes from Totality, the YouTube show she launched in an eye-catching cosplay costume last year.

“Now you can admire me all year round,” she said, adding that her eye-catching new product was the ideal way to ensure that her admirers “didn’t miss a thing.”

“Each calendar will be individual. At the back I will write a personal request to the future owner.”

A few weeks ago Trigubchak was back at the KHL’s house, the Ufa Arena, as part of a music event with the motto “Politics – taking the fuck away from music” as one of his characteristics.

She released a new episode of Totality late last month, which has had nearly 50,000 views so far, and has spent time on the slopes learning to ski in the freezing temperatures of wintry Russia.

“Of course I couldn’t do it without tears, snot and a broken lower back,” she admitted to her fans next to a photo where she tried to ski.

“But I got my first buzz on the descent: the sun, speed – low for now – friends nearby. Isn’t it luck?

“I can’t wait to stop being scared of developing speed. I’ll put on headphones, turn on a track, and how I’ll hurry.”

In her calendar, in contrast to her ski clothes, there is the teasing Trigubchak, who pouts on a sun-drenched meadow and poses in an open shirt and panties.

The enterprising temptress offers fans looking for a printed version the option to purchase a copy for around $ 40.

“On Instagram, [I] try to be a glamorous girl, “she told them as they lay on a bed in a revealing outfit last month.

“But in real life [I] ride a pit bike [and] a snowmobile … etc. “

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