At 980, Walker hosted Doc & Galdi with Al Galdi, and Linn worked on their shows with Brian Mitchell and Steve Czaban from 12:00 to 7:00 pm. Johnson has continued to produce WTEM game broadcasts as an independent contractor for the Washington Football Team since 2018.

Walker, who worked on the station for 27 years, said he had no bad will during the move and would continue to think about the Washington Football team during and after the games.

“Why should I have hard feelings? You gave me an opportunity, “Walker said in a telephone interview on Friday. “Everything that happens in life is an opportunity. I loved what I was doing, loved working with Al and doing all of that. But that might have stopped me from doing something bigger and better, and you won’t know that until you’ve been able to figure it out. “

The former close end of Washington said he would fondly remember the “friendships” and “brotherhood” he made on the station, especially with those who work behind the scenes.

Linn, who has been with WTEM since 1993, said he was “overwhelmed, humiliated and honored” with the support he has received on Twitter since he announced his departure from the station. He will continue to host the “Linn Murray Solly” podcast on Patreon and has “many ideas pending” for his next move.

“If I told you that you could do something with people you liked and loved that you had loved for 27 years, you would say, ‘Sign me up,” Linn said in a telephone interview.

This month Entercom and Urban One carried out an exchange with six stations in four markets. The move, which had been in the works since July but announced on November 5, brought Entercom in Team 980, a competitor to 106.7 the Fan that Entercom already owned. WTEM’s FMEM broadcaster, 95.9, was not included in the trade and there are no plans for Entercom to broadcast WTEM content on an FM broadcaster.

980 employees were informed of the deal by press release a few hours prior to the announcement, but have not received any information on their job status in the past two weeks. A Zoom conference call was held on Friday evening to inform employees about the status of the new regulation. The employees eventually share the floor space of the fan, whose studios are three blocks from Nationals Park.

Monday marks the start of an operating lease until Entercom’s takeover of 980 is completed in early 2021. Entercom plans to continue operating 106.7 and 980 as independent live and local sports stations with no nationally syndicated shows included in the daily lineups.

An announcement of updated lineups for both stations is expected by the end of the year. Meanwhile, the fan will continue to show “The Sports Junkies” in the morning, Grant Paulsen and Danny Rouhier at noon and Pete Medhurst as the main fill-in host at the afternoon drive slot, as has been since Chad Dukes was in Fired October.

With Walker at 980, Galdi will have a solo show from 9am to 12pm after “The Kevin Sheehan Show,” followed by shows by Mitchell and Czaban. From Monday, hosts on one station can advertise upcoming game broadcasts or discuss current content from the other station. However, it is unlikely that hosts will be booked on the other transmitter.

Competing positions owned by the same company are rare but not uncommon. Entercom owns several sports stations in the Miami, San Francisco, Buffalo, Houston and Kansas City, Missouri markets, among others.

Entercom now owns the rights to broadcast DC radio to the Washington Football Team, Washington Nationals, Washington Capitals, basketball and soccer in Maryland, basketball in Georgetown, and soccer in Virginia Tech.

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