Tana Mongeau and Noah Cyrus sparked new romance rumors after the two kissed on social media, and now fans are curious whether that means they’ll meet or not! This isn’t even the first time they’ve allegedly been romantically involved, so people are already wanting some answers!

There are a lot of questions when it comes to the two stars but one thing is for sure: they really enjoy guessing the fans when it comes to the status of their relationship!

The latest post on Instagram left her followers confused about whether or not they are a couple.

It all started with Tana sharing a rather ambiguous message on her platform suggesting that not only was she dating Noah, but that they saw each other again!

In addition to the message: “I mean, I had to take a break from Instagram until she was my girlfriend again,” Tana also added a picture of the two snuggled together.

Sounds like they’re really dating, doesn’t it?

Well, her other IG Stories posts shared over the weekend seem to hint at this, but also … not really?

Tana posted several videos from a dinner with friends and there were many suggestions that she and Noah were a couple.

The reason why not all fans are convinced that they are seriously dating is because the tone of the posts seems to mock tabloids.

In one clip, she had her address teasing TMZ and said, “I just wanted to talk to you before you covered the story” before kissing Noah in the car.

Noah also shared a few posts with Tana, one of which featured the singer holding a giant stuffed bear for Tana.


She joked that “I’m a simp” when she gave the teddy gift to Tana.

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