Ghostly locals have admitted their shock to see a dinosaur-like reptile roaming free on a golf course in Florida where a tropical storm created ideal conditions for the creature to leave the water in search of food.

As hurricanes from Storm Eta closed bridges and transportation routes around Naples, a disturbing clip emerged of the large alligator snaking back into the water after strolling around the 17th hole at the Valencia Golf and Country Club.

Locals are used to seeing alligators emerge from the water in unusual weather conditions in the area, but the animal’s unusual size and apparent nonchalance surprised many viewers.

“Giant Florida alligator,” announced local meteorologist Matt Devitt when the visitor’s footage drew millions of views. “Yes, this monster is real.”

Florida looks more and more like Jurassic Park. 😳

– Troy D. – Pirate Radio (@TroyDreyfus) November 12, 2020

The club’s official Facebook account announced that the alligator wanted to “enjoy the tropical conditions” despite some skepticism that the clip had been treated.

“I’ve seen hundreds of alligators of various sizes … a few small ones in our community, every now and then,” said one resident. “Where did this monster-sized alligator come from?”

The official Instagram account on Twitter, which has almost 35 million followers, replied Devitt in disbelief: “Sorry – what?”

This year is not over yet – wings and laser eyes will sprout by December.

– The Honorable Mia Nill (@Mianaught) November 12, 2020

The footage was shot by Tyler Stolting, a staff member who saw the alligator from his golf cart.

Stolting told the Miami Herald that he was driving in a storm around 2 p.m. local time when he saw the reptile and estimated it was at least 10 feet long.

He said there are no plans to contact Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission experts or attempt to arrest the alligator.

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