An unidentified Benfica player had an embarrassing moment on national television after cameras peeked into the team’s dressing room and showed the completely naked footballer showing his derriere to viewers at home.

The clip came shortly after Benfica’s match in Santa Clara was canceled just six minutes before the end due to storm weather.

To fill in the time for the broadcast, the local TV station sent a cameraman down into the depths of the stadium to collect some footage from both teams – and in the case of Benfica’s dressing room, viewers got a lot more than they negotiated for.

Both teams retired to their locker rooms when the game was suspended and, in at least one instance, decided to take off their wet shirts and put on drier and warmer clothes.

Benfica’s game against Santa Clara was abandoned after just 5 minutes due to heavy rain … 🌧🌧 Imagine trying to play on a field like this … 😳😳

– SPORTbible (@sportbible) January 3, 2021

Unfortunately for a player, however, he did so at the precise time the directors went into the Benfica dressing room and showed the players tens of thousands watching at home.

Former Tottenham defender Jan Vertonghen, who we must point out was fully clothed, also peered out of the locker room as others joked with each other and played on their phones.

And if some of these players logged into their social media accounts, they’ve likely seen the heck of their teammates visible to the world as several eagle-eyed fans quickly reproduced the x-rated incident online.

There was also another potentially embarrassing moment for another naked player who had wandered into the frame, but luckily he hid his modesty behind a towel just before the shot.

For the Benfica hierarchy, this was no laughing matter. Sports director Rui Costa soon stormed into the locker room after being made aware of the incident, calling for answers for the faux pas. He showed the footage to a reporter under an umbrella outside before the broadcaster apologized.

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A Twitter wildcard shared the scene, dryly describing it as the game’s “highlights”.

One fan in a more serious mood raged: “It makes my blood boil that Rui Costa was so upset that that ass was on TV as Benfica’s deplorable appearances week after week.

“I’m more annoyed that this guy feels so comfortable as a woman when he’s naked [steward] says right there and doesn’t have to see a man’s ass. “

The game will be repeated on Monday evening after the weather forecast, which forced the postponement of Sunday, is forecast to have largely subsided.

Benfica need a win to be within two points of Portuguese leaders Sporting Lisbon. Perhaps more than that, they hope that all of their players stay fully clothed while doing this.

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