Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz is under fire for taking a trip to Cancun while his Texas constituents suffer from a lack of electricity, heat and water.

Cruz gets it from the internet community for this behavior, which resulted in a flurry of memes and the resurrection of an episode of The Simpsons that could fuel the fire. The parody gets a little too close to the Senator (who, by the way, claims he’s a fan of the show).

The episode in question aired on May 6, 1993. Mayor Quimby, titled Marge in Chains, claims he has canceled plans to travel to the Bahamas to tackle a pandemic in Springfield.

Quimby tells everyone to stay home, but he’s actually on the beach, wearing a jacket and tie over his bathing suit, and pretending to work in his office. A nearby steel drum soloist threatens to betray him.

The outpouring of indignation has seen a chaste Cruz offer an apology.

“It was obviously a mistake and in retrospect I would not have done it,” he told reporters on NBC. “I understand why people are upset.”

Homer Simpson has not yet posted a comment.


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