Roommate, it’s a new day on the Wendy Williams Show as it finally returned to Season 12 – but one person was noticeably absent. DJ Boof, who has been the resident DJ on the show for years, is officially out and has been replaced with someone new … and Wendy Williams introduced him at the season premiere.

When fans of the “Wendy Williams Show” were happy that it finally returned with brand new episodes after production was suspended for months due to COVID-19 – many wondered where Wendy’s DJ, DJ Boof?

Instead of DJ Boof making music during the season 12 premiere of the “Wendy Williams Show”, it was DJ Suss One behind the booth. DJ Suss One confirmed the news on his Instagram account and wrote, “Breaking News. I shoot every weekday from Monday to Friday on @wendyshow from today. Season 12. ”

For a little backstory on DJ Suss One, he started out in the music industry as an intern at Sony Music and became a DJ at Power 104.1 for iHeart Radio in Hartford, Connecticut, where he is currently staying.

As for the ultimate fallout between Wendy Williams and DJ Boof, many speculate that it was Wendy’s feud with Nicki Minaj. You will remember DJ Boof working very closely with Nicki, and when the two women started arguing after Wendy dragged Nicki’s husband, it made the situation between Nicki and DJ Boof uncomfortable.

Allegedly, DJ Boof went with a side and chose Nicki over Wendy.

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