The top virtue sign Megan Rapinoe has taken her latest socially awakened swing in men’s football to … invest in women’s football, calling it a “shame” that it didn’t come sooner without knowing it actually was.

You have to give it to U.S. women’s team captain Megan Rapinoe. Letting the world free for whatever you stamp your feet on in the name of “progressiveness” and then complaining when it doesn’t go fast enough is a clever and cunning hustle and bustle that has worked perfectly so far.

And now Rapinoe has got exactly what meets her infinite demands with creating and investing in professional women’s teams through major European clubs, but the self-proclaimed saint of football social justice still moans that she should have come sooner despite being aware of it was not aware it had already.

While riding the lively wave that has flooded the sport in recent years, Rapinoe has managed to eradicate every last tender stand that could be created for social justice on the sports stage, even if it doesn’t logically add up to what to has become a staple of the off-field personality of the two-time World Cup winner.

The latest target of Rapinoe’s constant progressive protest is English Premier League club Manchester United. Your crime against the Rapinoe Crusade? To create, carefully build and heavily invest in a successful and sustainable professional women’s soccer team that was crowned FA Women’s Championship champion in its first year of existence.

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One would think that having one of the largest and most valuable football clubs in the world promoting and funding the women’s game and a return to remarkable success in a short time would placate Rapinoe and put a big hook on one of her myriad holds.

But if Rapinoe acknowledges an improvement, she might have to ditch her favorite pastime of admonishing every big gun move in men’s football that is inconsistent with her ever-changing agenda.

Nevertheless, she called it a “shame” that multi-billion dollar global giant brands could not save a millionaire athlete from the “hell landscape” of top-class sport by investing earlier.

“I think women’s football in England is the same as in America – it’s so far behind because we had to overcome the lack of investment,” Rapinoe grumbled in a recent interview with the BBC.

“It’s 2020. How long has the Premier League been around? And we are just starting to see a club like Manchester United looking to a women’s team and weighing them down? Honestly it’s a shame. I have a few teammates going abroad let go and play while I train and try to keep myself fit in the hope that we will get out of this hellish landscape at some point. “

If Rapinoe had done her homework before ranting, she would know that Manchester United were indeed early pioneers of the women’s football team in the 1970s, when an unofficial Manchester United Supporters Club Ladies became de facto the club’s women’s team, albeit not professional in 1989 Founding members of a regional North West Women’s Regional Football League that preceded the surge in renewed interest in women’s gaming in the 1990s.

The team from then on played at various levels of the FA Women’s National League with varying degrees of success until it was placed under the wing of the men’s team in 2001 and was only dissolved when the extremely unpopular takeover of the club by the Glazer family in 2005 held Below average women’s team for unprofitable, before a new team was founded in 2018 after a 13-year absence.

Other big Premier League teams like Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal, field teams in the FA Women’s Super League – the top tier of women’s game in England – date back to the late 1980s and completely nullify Rapinoe’s nonsensical and factually misconceived notion Teams have been committed to promoting the sport since the Premier League was founded in 1992.

For someone who pretends to be a champion of cultural equality, Rapinoe’s sheer ignorance of the history of women’s gaming in England, and a convenient penchant for attacking a famous name she tore out of nowhere without bothering to find out about it small details like facts to inform hammer home your narration is not only the real “shame” but also incredibly dishonest and irresponsible.

Rapinoe’s platform affects millions of young girls who view the pink-haired player as a landmark light in sport and beyond, delivering a thoroughly misinformed blow to an institution that promotes and promotes women’s football, which would have a negative resonance with a generation young Women, rather than advocating the steps already taken on the field and behind the scenes to tackle inequality, which Rapinoe apparently reserves only for herself and her US teammates.

Two of these teammates, Tobin Heath and Christen Press, also World Cup winners at USWNT, were taken over by Manchester United Women in a coup in the last transfer window. In addition, in the three days since they signed for the club in September, the pair’s jersey sales sold all of the men’s players, including superstar Paul Pogba and captain Harry Maguire.

But instead of praising the social and economic success of two of her compatriots, Rapinoe decided to focus much of the limelight on getting exactly what she wanted, but the gilded platter that made her every wish come true not moving on fast enough, like an irritable, spoiled teen who doesn’t like the color of his new Christmas present cleats and has decided to let everyone know how tough they are doing.

The world football association FIFA has pledged an additional $ 1 billion (£ 755 million) to women’s football for 2019-2022 and has announced that that number will not be affected by the current coronavirus crisis, making it difficult to fathom, like Rapinoe might be disgusted by a perceived lack of investment, especially during a global pandemic and its devastating economic impact.

Why should we sit here and listen to Rapinoe wearily repeating untruths when families are currently suffering from lockdown, docked pay, isolation and certainly not getting what they want, let alone within a timeframe that suits everyone’s whim?

If Rapinoe chose to wake up instead of staying awake, she might just be grateful to be one of the privileged few who has everything her heart desires instead of being bitter about the troubles her mind causes.

But on the other hand, if Rapinoe got the change she wants forever, there would be no need to use a self-righteous mouthpiece to win the Liberal Brigade into their never-ending struggles for social justice. So maybe it pays to be permanently offended.

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