Angela Merkel is attending an EU summit in Brussels earlier this week. FRANCISCO SECO / POOL / AFP via Getty Images

Chancellor Angela Merkel has urged citizens to do more against the rising number of coronavirus infections across the country, and in a video message called on Germans to comply with government regulations.

“We have to do everything we can to ensure that the virus does not spread uncontrollably. Now every day counts, ”said Merkel when the daily infections reached record levels in the past week.

“How winter will be like our Christmas will be decided in the coming days and weeks,” added Merkel.

The German strategy against the pandemic has so far focused on effective contact tracing of infected people in order to isolate them before they can infect others.

“The health authorities are doing an amazing job in this regard … but where the number of infections becomes too high, they simply cannot keep up,” said the German Chancellor.

To curb the continued spread of the virus, Merkel urged citizens to “meet with far fewer people” both outside and inside their homes. People should try to avoid travel or large gatherings unless absolutely necessary.

“If each of us drastically reduces the number of contacts outside of our own families, it is possible to stop and even reverse this trend,” she added.


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