Washington’s next game on the schedule, two back-to-back bouts against the Cleveland Cavaliers in Washington on Sunday and Monday, seem dubious.

In addition to worries about the health of their players, the wizards could face serious planning issues if the league continues to delay games. The NBA hasn’t made it clear how to deal with postponements, despite only releasing the first half of the 2020-21 schedule in December to accommodate such delays.

Shortening the second half of the season even further – only twice, Washington had more than a day between games in the original December and January schedule – or reloading the schedule if the league wants to finish in time for the Olympics in July are slightly unattractive options. The league also has a week-long hiatus in March when the All-Star game would have been played.

On Wednesday, the league postponed two more games scheduled for Friday night, bringing the total number of postponements for the season to nine.

  • December 23: Oklahoma City Thunder at Houston Rockets
  • January 10th: Miami Heat at Boston Celtics
  • January 11th: New Orleans Pelicans at Dallas Mavericks
  • January 12: Boston Celtics with the Chicago Bulls
  • January 13: Utah Jazz at Washington Wizards
  • January 13th: Orlando Magic at Boston Celtics
  • January 13th: Atlanta Hawks at Phoenix Suns
  • January 15: Washington Wizards at Detroit Pistons
  • January 15th: Golden State Warriors at Phoenix Suns


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