It’s been more than two days since President Donald Trump was flown to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, but Americans remain largely in the dark about the course of his infection with Covid-19 and the specifics of his condition as the White House tries him to control the appearance of his illness with misleading briefings, posed pictures and even a reckless photo op outside of the hospital.

A government crisis: Roughly seven months after a pandemic that killed more than 209,000 Americans, the nation is currently in a major government crisis. Their commander in chief is in the hospital as last week’s events at the White House serve as a textbook example of how not to deal with a deadly virus.

Lack of information: The White House already has a huge credibility problem with the public, and the lack of information from White House officials over the weekend served as a masterclass on opacity and contradiction that raises important questions about the president’s health.

Care about the optics: For much of this year, Trump has been shooting an alternate reality about the dangers of coronavirus – denying the science and effectiveness of masks, downplaying the risks to the American people, and making false statements about like 99% of coronavirus cases in America are “. completely harmless” or that the virus “affects virtually no one”.

Rallies and quick tests: Encouraging his aides and advisers to live in this dangerous fantasy land, Trump pushed his luck to the limit last week when he ruthlessly rallied thousands of exposed Americans at his political rallies and packed top government officials into a rose garden for his ceremony Candidate for the Supreme Court. Meanwhile, White House officials hailed the fallacy that frequent rapid coronavirus tests at the White House could offer a shield against immunity.

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