Authorities in Los Angeles, California said there was no evidence that golf legend Tiger Woods was harmed at the time of the car accident that seriously injured him. The “jaws of life” were not used to extract the golfer, they noted.

Woods was “calm and clear” when Deputy Carlos Gonzalez found him in the overturned vehicle Tuesday morning, the responding officer told reporters at a press conference later that day.

He was unable to stand on his own and was pulled out of the car by an LA County Fire Crew, Gonzalez added.

Fire chief Daryl Osby said his men did not use the “jaws of life” to cut open the car, as the sheriff’s office originally said, but instead used “halligan” chisels and standard axes.

Sheriff Alex Villanueva noted that Woods and his manager “did not want to publish anything about his condition at the moment”. Chief Osby only said that Woods had “serious leg injuries” that were “not life threatening”. However, at one point he referred to “broken legs”.

Osby said Woods was not a condition so serious as to require evacuation by helicopter to the nearest hospital, but was driven to the hospital best equipped for his injuries, a little further away.

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Tiger Woods suffers serious leg injuries in a car accident as the fire department is forced to use chisels to remove the golf icon from the vehicle

MPs checked the car for traces of alcohol or other substances, but there was “no immediate evidence,” said Sheriff Villanueva. Currently, authorities suspect the problem was a steep stretch of Hawthorne Boulevard between Rolling Hills Estates and Rancho Palos Verdes, upscale communities on the south end of Los Angeles.

“This particular section of the road is one of our trouble spots,” Deputy Gonzalez told reporters.

Woods was in town to present the trophy at the Genesis Invitational tournament and was filming a multi-celebrity show for GOLFTV on Monday and Tuesday. He was driving a courtesy car when he crashed.

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