Little Harris couldn’t be more proud of her husband, TI for the move he’s started. Check out her message that she shared on her social media account.

“I have to do my baby the honor of being the front man, leader, if you will! To contact #Llyodsoflondon and get in touch for reparations for all black offspring. Some people thought you would accomplish but check out what YOU started, baby @ disrupteman31 & all for your people. That is powerful. Tiny has given her post a title.

Tiny Harris’ daughter Baby Heiress shows the world she’s ready for a modeling career in Cute Video

Tip hopped in the comments and said, ‘Thx sugar mama‼ ️’

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Someone else said, ‘He’s on it !!! Love what he does! “And another follower posted this message:” Thank you, Mr. Harris, may God bless you for this, and I say thank you again. “

One commenter said, ‘And you have all these other hip-hop moguls / grown ass black men who should be leading; Instead, they distract people from the real problem and the real message. They’re talking about shit that doesn’t matter at a time when we all have to stick together. I swear if I didn’t know better I would say they are trying to promote their album by your name. 🙏🏾 With respect !!! I appreciate your tenacity 💯 ‘

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Someone else posted this: “This is a mighty job, keep it up” and another follower posted this message: “The Wonderful” TI The Man on This Let’s all join in and help Antoinette Harrell started Antoinette about what you brought to the Supreme Court ‘.’

A fan said: ‘Major girl yesss Black History in the making ✊🏾’

In other news, Little Harris turned her head for a while and after sharing some throwback photos of her and her family, managed to impress quite a lot on Instagram.

But what really caught everyone’s attention was an old photo of her dancing with TI on her dance wedding Night.


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