Tiny Harris is really proud of her kids, and she’s been posting a lot about them on social media lately. Check out the news she shared about her brilliant son Major Harris.

‘Mommy’s baby @majorpharris, he’s different from my kids. I haven’t found anything he really gives about lol yet. He’s a genius who likes to be left alone! True bull! @princess_of_da_south my shy baby @heiressdharris @ disrupteman31 👑💚💜💛💘 ‘Tiny has given her post a title.

One follower said, “Such a little gentleman I often say in your comments that all children are so well brought up,” and someone else posted this message, “Sounds like my son Michael. A genius who loves solitude. He is too a Taurus and we’re both Cancer. Crazy! ‘

One fan wrote: ‘He gives af about his family. Look at that JOY on his face. “Another commenter wrote,” Yes! Taurus Hate To Be Bothered! “We stay comfortably in our bladders.”

One follower said, ‘A real bull. My son is the same. He doesn’t care about anything, ”and someone else wrote,“ Major, don’t be into shit at all! I love him lol. ‘

Someone else said, “Oh, facts about a bull. Lol, we don’t care and we don’t want to be bothered. We choose and choose lol. ‘

One follower wrote: “I just have a Taurus son … smart, chilled and want to be left alone … so different from his brothers !!!”

Someone else said, “Major is a genius, he’s going to invent something big one day,” and one commenter wrote, “He always made me laugh. For example when you auditioned / modeled him as a baby and the king tried has to help him and give him advice. ‘


Just the other day Tiny Harris shared a post on her social media account praising her son King Harris. Check out what she had to say about the boy.

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