Todd Tucker shared a video on his social media account that impressed fans. It shows none other than his and Kandi Burruss’ daughter Blaze Tucker. Check out the post below.

“@blazetucker Daddy is going to beat that carpet up!” Todd added a caption to her post.

Someone said, “I hope people don’t get offended. This is what happens when children start walking.”

A follower posted the following message: “She is learning to walk. She will fall many times. It’s all good, ”and one commentator said,“ People pretend their baby never took a small fall before people do too much. “

Someone else posted, “I swear people do the most. The baby is learning to walk, she will fall. You will find anything you can be mad at.”

Another follower said, “Awwww … beat up everyone … the carpet … the toys … the TV and the dad,” and one commenter wrote, “This is crazy that you say carefully like them it understands. “

Another follower wrote: ‘Awwww Blaze, that scream was so pathetic. Todd doesn’t drop her anymore, “and someone else said,” You pretend he knew the baby was going to fall … the baby is learning to walk … he will fall many times more. “

One commenter wrote: “This is what happens when children start walking! They fall.’

In other news, Todd Tucker shared a video with his daughter Kaela Tucker at the restaurant. The fans are all happy and every time they see this young lady they have praised her this time too.

‘Their tastes change as they get older! Lol! And her friends! Lol! ‘Todd subtitled the video.

Many followers praised Kaela’s beauty and told Todd that they’d love to hang out.


Todd lives his best life with his family and fans couldn’t be happier seeing them all this way. Kandi lives her best life too.

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